SILMOR – Family Friendly Employer!

Gaspazina Liene
Gaspazina Liene
10. december

SILMOR is a family enterprise that spans two generations and is managed by a father and a daughter. Therefore family values have always been at the basis of the company. The company supports and promotes the development of a family friendly work environment in its daily operations. We are satisfied to receive the recognition of Society Integration Foundation and the status of a “Family Friendly Employer!” granted to us for a period of two years.

We strongly believe that every participant of the initiative may serve as an excellent example for others, thus, transforming the work environment in Latvia into more friendly and inclusive environment for families. The granting of the status of a “Family Friendly Employer!” within the framework of this programme not only is based on the compliance with the requirements provided for by the legislation regarding families with children, but also on additional initiatives and activities that allows to take care of harmonisation of the private and professional life of all employees.

The operations of our company is based on family friendly values not only declaratively, but in the form of various activities and initiatives.

To mention just a few good practices of our company, I should say:

  • Diverse forms of operation: remote work, flexible work, part time work;
  • L, and longer Christmas holidays that are applied to all employees simultaneously, which is appreciated by the employees themselves;
  • Well defined basket of “benefits” that is available to employees;
  • Events for the promotion of the health of personnel;
  • Employer cards used when hiring employees allow to be better acquainted with the new colleague and to plan appropriate support events and initiatives.

We urge every company to take care of the well-being of their employees, since individual does not make change – change is made by teams!