Original equipment manufacturers (OEM)

If you have your own device, hardware, or you are an original equipment manufacturer, SILMOR can provide wide range of services and products. We have machinery for formatting and placing logos and info for users, as well as various components and elements for technical solutions.

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Finding the right solution

If you have your own product or you are manufacturing it for others, if you are a start-up or an expert manufacturer – SILMOR provides wide range of products and services for everyone. From prototyping and test batches to bulk production.

Most popular solutions for OEM:

  • Human-Machine interface (HMI);
  • durable identification and serial number markings of various kind;
  • labels and brand stickers – available in rolls as well;
  • seals, insulators, gaskets, and other components;
  • direct printing on the casing;
  • manufacturing of various details, panels, surfaces;
  • packaging;
  • both partial, and final assembly.

Additional services and options

SILMOR offers:

  • prototyping, technical drawing and finding the right solution;
  • various services using client’s materials, e.g., printing on cases, cutting;
  • supplying components and raw materials;
  • after receiving the client’s product, we can make reusable transportation boxes for solid placing and easy, safe transfer;
  • short-time storage in a warehouse (up to 3 months);
  • etc. services according to your needs.

Basic procedural principles

We care for a satisfied client and maximum manufacturing quality in every procedural stage:

  • client service;
  • designing;
  • production;
  • installation.

SILMOR activity is grounded on regulated procedures according to ISO 9001 standard, introduced and certified in the company since 2005.

Quality and respective, competitive pricing is a self-evident yet very important part of co-operation.
SILMOR always seeks to offer a conformable execution schedule and adjusts on extraordinary occasions.
SILMOR performs prototyping, sample piece manufacturing and long-run printing.

ISO 9001

SILMOR activity is based on regulated procedures according to ISO 9001 standard, implemented and certified in the company since 2005. SILMOR mission is to provide services of superb quality, and its key performance indicator is a satisfied client. To achieve this, we use certified materials, globally approved technologies, and care for the professional growth of our employees.

LEAN – on our way to excellence!

For several years SILMOR has been operating according to LEAN principles, developing this system step by step, and striving for the excellence. SILMOR team always finds a way to upgrade quality standards and accelerate production with current resources by cutting out excess operations and accomplishing merely tasks that add to the value. Achievements don’t stop progression – new experience, knowledge, great and motivated team allows the company to strive for more and gain excellence!

Case study

How to include a lot of functionality in a tiny keyboard?

The membrane switch serves as an interface between the device and its operator (HMI). It must undoubtedly be easy to use, durable in various environmental conditions and long-lasting. The clever choice of additional elements and materials used allows the panel to perform several functions: technical, protective, and decorative. We have successfully implemented all these functions in the client’s project, read more about it further.


Plockmatic Group

Cooperation with the SILMOR team is easy and enjoyable – answers to questions of interest are received quickly enough and deliveries are made within the deadlines we need. SILMOR is not afraid of challenges and is ready to meet the requirements of our company’s new projects.
E. Mitrevica / Procurement Specialist

SMC Automation

We have been cooperating with SIA “SILMOR” for many years. A professional and responsive team, high quality standards and always timely fulfilled orders are the basis for our mutual cooperation. The laser engraved markings and front panel stickers made by SIA “SILMOR” are welcomed by SMC customers both in Latvia and abroad.
Kristaps Logins / Senior Production Manager