Capacitive keyboards

Capacitive keyboard is the latest solution for control boards, and SILMOR is the first company in the Baltic market to offer it. This is a reasonable choice when equipment’s functionality is not as complex to require a touch screen, yet its design, ergonomics and control needs are complex enough to require something more sophisticated than mechanical or membrane switches. Compared to a membrane switch and a touch screen, capacitive keyboard serves as a compromise, both supporting medium complex functionality and offering visually advanced, touch-sensitive user’s experience.

Technical features

  • matt (velvet)
  • glossy (to various extent)
  • non reflective
  • antibacterial
  • other textures
  • fireproof materials
  • UV resistant materials; optional coating that shields against UV rays
Display windows
  • glossy
  • matt
  • excised
  • tinted (diverse color filters)
  • alterable legends
  • touch-sensitive solution without buttons; for a feedback LED lighting can be inserted under the buttons
  • create linear or circular control elements (sliders) to smoothly control various parameters (lighting intensity, audio volume, ventilation capacity etc.)
  • distance sensor that allows to control equipment without direct contact
  • light switches, door opening switches, elevator buttons etc.

wide variety of shapes according to every need

Electrical parameters
  • supply voltage and communication interface must be coordinated with the client
  • consumption parameters depend on the power source – grid or battery
  • match with the color of the case, frame, or other design elements
  • colors are mixed according to the PANTONE, CMYK, RAL scale
  • accuracy is attained by using calibrated PANTONE color scales and original recipes, as well as a colorimeter
  • permanent pressure-sensitive glue and/or holes, openings for mechanical fastening
  • glues are selected considering the type of the surface and exploitation terms of the end-product
  • common usage of 3M glues
Design elements

  • LED diodes can illuminate the keyboard under the button
  • raised elements, Braille
  • other options

Minimum batch size

prototype batch, starting from a single item


  • Create a visually attractive keyboard with maximum resemblance to a touch screen technology yet maintain less complicated and cost-effective control solution.
  • Adjustable functionality allows to create a universal keyboard with a panel that presents only those buttons and indication icons needed for the final product.
  • Improved design serves both manufacturers and users.
  • Illuminate the keyboard right under the button as there are no mechanical elements to cover the light.
  • The keyboard shields devices against dust, moisture, chemicals and is low maintenance. A sturdier alternative against mechanical and environmental impact than a membrane keyboard.
  • Upgraded equipment exactitude and precision, decreased service intervals.
  • SILMOR experts will help you to assess the specific features of your product, recommend and carry out the best solutions.

We choose approved materials

3M oracal proll MCdermid marabu-small


15–40 business days on average. It depends on:

  • whether it’s a new or recurrent order;
  • the size of the run;
  • whether you have a proper technical drawing or information on keyboard parameters, materials, dimensions, color codes and other technical data;
  • whether print file or layout in vector graphics (CDR, EPS, vector PDF etc.) is available;
  • whether raw materials are in the warehouse or need to be ordered, and when is the delivery;
  • how simple or complex are the technical requirements.

Compared to a membrane switch, capacitive keyboard has upgraded exactitude and precision, thus decreasing the service intervals.

The lifetime mostly depends on two things:

  1. product exploitation conditions – whether it is indoors or outside; what is the cleaning routine of the device the keyboard is attached to; exploitation intensity etc.;
  2. defined parameters, durability, lifetime of the materials in data sheet.

After clarifying the exploitation terms of the final product, we recommend the best solution. Generally, these are industrial glues, including area-selective adhesive solutions, and/or holes and openings for mechanical attachment.

The type of the glue will be recommended considering the chosen surface.

Upon agreement with the client.

Delivery in Latvia: delivered by courier; delivered by our agent; delivered to a parcel machine. You are welcome to visit us and receive the product in Brīvības gatve 323, 4th floor.

Delivery in EU: usually clients who have a previous contract with a carrier service, arrange the courier themselves or submit all the necessary info for SILMOR to arrange it. Most popular delivery partners in EU are DPD, TNT, DHL and HRX.

Outside EU: the best option for the client will be chosen.