METALPHOTO® aluminium nameplates

METALPHOTO® anodized aluminium nameplates are used for equipment identification, visual commercials, awards etc. Thanks to great durability parameters and long lasting legibility it is a popular choice when it comes to marking industrial devices and machinery.

Technical features


high quality anodized aluminium – 0.13, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.6 mm thick

  • sateen
  • matt
  • silver
  • gold
  • silver mirror-like
  • gold mirror-like
  • copper
  • from -50 °C up to +530 °C
  • great durability in extreme weather conditions and against common chemical substances
  • stability of black and white images – more than 20 years; stability of colored images – depends on the UV ray impact

wide variety of shapes according to every need

  • match with the color of the case, frame, or other design elements
  • colors are mixed according to the PANTONE, RAL scale
  • accuracy is attained by using calibrated PANTONE color scales and original recipes, as well as a colorimeter
  • industrial glues
  • holes or openings
  • tack with a clip, magnet or a pin (for name plates)
Minimum batch size

1 pc.


  • Thanks to the unique Metalphoto® image application technology the imprint obtains maximum durability even in the most extreme environmental conditions. SILMOR is one of the few manufacturers in EU providing this technology.
  • SILMOR guarantees high printing accuracy for graphic images, text and even photos.
  • Consecutive numbering options.
  • Silver-white shade of the silver material provides perfect contrast and legibility for almost every color. QR and barcodes will stay scannable for long.
  • Great durability against corrosion and oxidation, abrasion, heat, and mechanical damage.
  • Images have high resolution and stability: black and white – more than 20 years; colored – depends on the UV ray impact.
  • In order to obtain excellent result, SILMOR pays thorough attention to the exploitation conditions of the final product, its lifetime and the surface it will be attached to.
  • SILMOR offers immediate production for short term orders.

We choose approved materials

3M oracle proll MCdermid marabu-small


4–10 business days on average. It depends on:

  • whether it’s a new or recurrent order;
  • the size of the run;
  • whether you have a proper technical drawing or information on materials, dimensions, color codes and other technical details;
  • whether print file or layout in vector graphics (CDR, EPS, vector PDF etc.) is available;
  • whether raw materials are in the warehouse or need to be ordered and when is the delivery.

The method will be recommended considering the surface type. E.g., industrial glue or openings for screws and rivets.

Metalphoto technology demands high quality anodized aluminium, therefore the final product obtains excellent durability even in the most extreme environment. Stability of black and white photo exceeds 20 years. Learn more about specific parameters of this technology in the Download section.

Our warehouse holds 500×600 mm plates, bet we can order larger items.

CNC or punch press can create almost any kind of openings – both large, and small. Likewise, the openings and the outline can be cut out in various shapes.

Upon agreement with the client.

Delivery in Latvia: delivered by courier; delivered by our agent; delivered to a parcel machine. You are welcome to visit us and receive the product in Brīvības gatve 323, 4th floor.

Delivery in EU: usually clients who have a previous contract with a carrier service, arrange the courier themselves or submit all the necessary info for SILMOR to arrange it. Most popular delivery partners in EU are DPD, TNT, DHL and HRX.

Outside EU: the best option for the client will be chosen.