Entertainment and music sector

SILMOR cooperates with music equipment manufacturers, as well as light equipment and audio devices developers. Collaboration begins with an idea that eventually has always been carried out.

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Most popular solutions for entertainment and music sector:

  • direct printing on cases and equipment;
  • manufacturing of various components, panels, surfaces;
  • Human-Machine interface (HMI) solutions;
  • anti-slip elements, Velcro details, and other components;
  • diverse packaging – printed cardboard boxes, plastic containers, inserts, foam material inserts for transportation;
  • durable identification and serial number markings of various kind;
  • both partial, and final assembly.

Finding the right solution

The philosophy of SILMOR can be described as follows: “A happy client is our key to success.” By working with us, you will gain a reliable business partner who will reward your trust by ensuring rapid service and high-quality products.

Among SILMOR clients there are both music equipment manufacturers, and light equipment and audio devices developers. Collaboration begins with an idea that eventually has always been carried out. SILMOR team of engineers and project and purchasing managers will recommend the best solution for the development of your product.

Additional services and options

SILMOR offers:

  • prototyping, technical drawing and finding the right solution, as well as bulk production;
  • supply of components and raw materials;
  • after receiving the client’s product, we can make reusable transportation boxes for solid placing and easy, safe transfer;
  • short-time storage in a warehouse (up to 3 months);
  • etc. services according to your needs.
Quality and respective, competitive pricing is a self-evident yet very important part of co-operation.
SILMOR always seeks to offer a conformable execution schedule and adjusts on extraordinary occasions.
SILMOR performs prototyping, sample piece manufacturing and long-run printing.

ISO 9001

SILMOR activity is based on regulated procedures according to ISO 9001 standard, implemented and certified in the company since 2005. SILMOR mission is to provide services of superb quality, and its key performance indicator is a satisfied client. To achieve this, we use certified materials, globally approved technologies, and care for the professional growth of our employees.

LEAN – on our way to excellence!

For several years SILMOR has been operating according to LEAN principles, developing this system step by step, and striving for the excellence. SILMOR team always finds a way to upgrade quality standards and accelerate production with current resources by cutting out excess operations and accomplishing merely tasks that add to the value. Achievements don’t stop progression – new experience, knowledge, great and motivated team allows the company to strive for more and gain excellence!



We’ve been working with SILMOR since June 2017, where we made prints on silk screening for our first PLUS product. We already started using more sophisticated services, metalphoto technology, with the next product, PLASMA pedal. And with every next product SILMOR was able to offer and find new solutions for our needs. The SILMOR team has a high sense of responsibility and excellent communication capabilities, with a quick and meaningful answer to each question and need for advice. We should add that SILMOR is an excellent assistant in prototyping works – it is quickly able to understand the need and prepare prototypes on time. Major serial works also always meet deadlines, which is very important for our production processes without unnecessary incidents.
Kristaps Kalva / Co-founder, Production

Erica Synths

Erica Synths is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of modular synthesisers with a range of more than 150 different musical instruments. Over the last two years, printing on all panels and bodies of our instruments has been provided by SILMOR only, because when we evaluated market supply, we were sure that SILMOR has the most optimal service price-quality ratio, professional project management, and, above all, the SILMOR team proactively offers new services, is dealing with problems productively and is not afraid to assume responsibility. I would highly recommend SILMOR as a cooperation partner for other companies.
Ģirts Ozoliņš / Visionary


At Catchbox, we value quality and accuracy very much, so that we are able to deliver high-quality products to our customers. Our cooperation with SILMOR so far has been excellent. We are really satisfied with the quality of the products and services we have received. The assembly services provided are at a high level and in line with our quality requirements.
Sandis Babauskis / Production Manager