About us

SIA “SILMOR” is industrial marking and component manufacturer, focusing on technically sturdy and durable solutions, as well as users’ experience improvements since 1995.


SILMOR is a family enterprise, founded by a manufacturing expert Jānis Siliņš, and currently managed by his daughter Liene. Accordingly, company’s core values are responsibility, courage, enthusiasm, and sincerity.

Responsibility results in QUALITY

Every project is based on a schedule and quality standards. Manufactured products are preordered, unique, and meet all client’s requirements. SILMOR applies certified materials, globally approved technologies, and ensures its team’s professional growth to guarantee high quality for every project.

Courage results in GROWTH

SILMOR is a leading industrial marking and component manufacturer in the Baltic region. The 26 years of experience and persistence in implementing manufacturing innovations allows our experts to carry out even the most complex, non-standard projects and recommend the best solution for every idea.

Enthusiasm results in SATISFACTION

SILMOR team consists of experts with more than 26 years of experience, always ready to give advice regarding superior functionality, design, and functional design. SILMOR is a manufacturer, not a middleman, fueled by enthusiasm and satisfied clients. Hence co-operation on the most complex projects is especially fulfilling.

Sincerity results in TEAMWORK

SILMOR team includes both its employees, and also clients and partners. The excellent result is achieved due to investing joint efforts, paying attention, assisting and support. Therefore, the client can participate in the process throughout all stages of production – from projection and designing to implementation. SILMOR practices global standards of working culture (ISO 9001, LEAN principles) promoting easy cooperation with clients and within the team.


ISO 9001

SILMOR activity is based on regulated procedures according to ISO 9001 standard, implemented and certified in the company since 2005. SILMOR mission is to provide services of superb quality, and its key performance indicator is a satisfied client. To achieve this, we use certified materials, globally approved technologies, and care for the professional growth of our employees.

LEAN – on our way to excellence!

For several years SILMOR has been operating according to LEAN principles, developing this system step by step, and striving for the excellence. SILMOR team always finds a way to upgrade quality standards and accelerate production with current resources by cutting out excess operations and accomplishing merely tasks that add to the value. Achievements don’t stop progression – new experience, knowledge, great and motivated team allows the company to strive for more and gain excellence!