Components – seals, gaskets, insulators etc.

Seals, gaskets, insulators, gaskets, anti-slip elements and other components are cut out and designed according to every need. SILMOR uses various cutting technologies depending on the order amount, material, schedule, and design. Products are designed to solve any isolation and sealing problems with a help of rubber, plastic, fiber, foam, and other materials. SILMOR can make multiform gaskets, latches, self-adhesive components, anti-slip elements and other items according to clients’ needs.

Technical features


SILMOR can supply materials according to clients’ requirements

  • elastic materials
  • rubber
  • plastic
  • fiber materials
  • silicone
  • porolone etc.
Purpose of the components
  • sealing – mechanical insulation filling up the space between two or more joining surfaces in order to prevent leakage of the joint objects or when they are pressed together
  • insulator – material that prevents heat, electricity, and other energy sources to flow freely
  • gasket – works as an insulator, isolates space from other components or adds to the required density
  • foam materials – used in producing packaging support material to fix the products in a safe and visually attractive way; both functional and aesthetic
Material features

according to the technical parameters in the data sheet


various shapes according to every need

  • glue, including selectively applied adhesives, and/or openings for mechanical fastening
  • glues are selected according to the chosen surface and exploitation conditions
  • common usage of 3M glues
Minimum batch size

1 pc.


  • SILMOR chooses and orders the material, providing a wide range for every need.
  • SILMOR can manufacture the product from client’s materials.
  • Minimum batch size depends on the technology, but it is possible to order a single item.
  • SILMOR can create products of complex shapes (fine details, many and diverse openings etc.).
  • Virtually unlimited size options.

We choose approved materials

3M oracal proll MCdermid marabu-small


4–10 business days on average.

Lifetime is specified in the data sheet.

The submitted files should be:

1) PDF, CDR or EPS format – vectors.

  • “Vector” file means that PDF cannot include images – JPG, TIFF, PSD, bitmap etc. format.

2) If the file is submitted in CDR or EPS format, additional preview file is required for visualization (JPG, PNG, or PDF).

! If you don’t have proper quality print files, SILMOR gladly offers layout design services. Project managers will brief you on the price and prospective timeframe.

If you don’t have proper quality print files, SILMOR gladly offers layout design services. Project managers will brief you on the price and prospective timeframe.

On the first collaboration we ask for a 100% prepayment. For regular orders SILMOR offers post-payment within 10 days. Based on a contract, regular clients can ask for longer terms of payment.

Yes, sample pieces can be made, starting from a single item. The price of a sample batch may differ from bulk production.

Upon agreement with the client.

Delivery in Latvia: delivered by courier; delivered by our agent; delivered to a parcel machine. You are welcome to visit us and receive the product in Brīvības gatve 323, 4th floor.

Delivery in EU: usually clients who have a previous contract with a carrier service, arrange the courier themselves or submit all the necessary info for SILMOR to arrange it. Most popular delivery partners in EU are DPD, TNT, DHL and HRX.

Outside EU: the best option for the client will be chosen.