Membrane switch

Membrane switch, membrane keyboard or control keyboard is a commutation device consisting of several layers. The top layer is a graphic cover, under which lays a gasket and metal buttons covering control circuit and adhesive layer. Professionally manufactured membrane switch is not only a control element, but also a visual, attractive, and easily comprehensible support for the user.

Technical features


polycarbonate and polyester

  • matt (velvet)
  • glossy (to various extent)
  • non reflective
  • antibacterial
  • fireproof materials (UL94, V-0 standard)
  • UV resistant material
Display windows
  • glossy
  • matt
  • excised
  • tinted (different color filters)
  • alterable legends
  • click
  • no click
  • projected or flat

wide range of shapes for every need

Electrical parameters
  • maximum voltage 12 V
  • circuit resistance 50–500 Ω
  • minimum width of a pathway  – 0.3 mm
  • match with the color of the case, frame, or other design elements
  • colors are mixed according to the PANTONE, CMYK, RAL scale
  • accuracy is attained by using calibrated PANTONE color scales and original recipes, as well as a colorimeter
  • glue, including selectively applied adhesives, and/or openings for mechanical attachment
  • glues are selected according to the chosen surface and exploitation conditions
  • common usage of 3M glues
Design elements

  • relief or moulding allows for multilevel surfaces
  • LED diodes
  • Braille
  • raised buttons
  • etc.

Minimum batch size

prototype batch, starting from a single item


  • High technical quality and visually considered presentation greatly enhances user’s experience and makes it intuitive.
  • In order to obtain excellent result, SILMOR pays thorough attention to the exploitation conditions of the final product, its lifetime and the surface it will be attached to.
  • Great durability against corrosion and oxidation, abrasion, heat, and mechanical damage.
  • Shielding against dust, moisture, and chemicals.
  • Graphical information remains legible outdoors and in the presence of UV rays
  • Materials of various thickness to improve impact resistance.
  • Sturdy, light, and cost-effective alternative to metal panels.
  • Diverse design options.
  • SILMOR latest technologies and devices allow to operatively carry out almost every visual and technical idea.

We choose approved materials

3M oracal proll MCdermid marabu-small


10–30 business days on average. It depends on:

  • whether it’s a new or recurrent order;
  • the size of the run;
  • whether you have a proper technical drawing or information on keyboard layers, materials, dimensions, color codes and other technical details;
  • whether print file or layout in vector graphics (CDR, EPS, vector PDF etc.) is available;
  • whether raw materials are in the warehouse or need to be ordered and when is the delivery;
  • how simple or complex are the technical requirements, e.g., LED diodes, raised buttons etc.

The lifetime mostly depends on two things:

  1. product exploitation conditions – whether it is indoors or outside; what is the cleaning routine of the device the keyboard is attached to; button and keyboard exploitation intensity; etc.;
  2. defined parameters, durability, lifetime of the materials in data sheet. E.g., metal buttons have defined number of clicks.

After clarifying the exploitation terms of the final product, we recommend the best solution. Generally, these are industrial glues, including selectively applied adhesives, and/or openings for mechanical attachment.

The type of the glue will be recommended considering the chosen surface.

Yes, it can be drafted. In that case we suggest you order a prototype, test it and, if needed, we make adjustments before producing the final product.

It is possible to include colored LED or RGB diodes in the keyboard. In that case exact position of the diodes in the graphic layer needs to be specified. You can choose transparent, white, or colored filters for the diode window. Take into account, that to control the diodes, external series resistor has to be on the control plate. LEDs can be connected in a common anode/cathode or matrix circuit.

Yes. We can make a keyboard with relief buttons in hot foil or varnishing technique. The technical drawing must include the outline, size, and preferable depth of the buttons.

Upon agreement with the client.

Delivery in Latvia: delivered by courier; delivered by our agent; delivered to a parcel machine. You are welcome to visit us and receive the product in Brīvības gatve 323, 4th floor.

Delivery in EU: usually clients who have a previous contract with a carrier service, arrange the courier themselves or submit all the necessary info for SILMOR to arrange it. Most popular delivery partners in EU are DPD, TNT, DHL and HRX.

Outside EU: the best option for the client will be chosen.