Exhibition season 2023 is here

Gaspazina Liene
Gaspazina Liene
07. november

Exhibition season is here! Join us at these upcoming events. Also, read about why we believe trade fairs are a great destination for B2B.

Exibitions for 2023

Exhibition season is here! Join us at these upcoming events:
🌟 Evertiq – Global Gothenburg
🌟 Alihankinta – Tampere
🌟 HI Tech & Industry Scandinavia , Herning
🌟 Instrutec, Tallin
🌟 Elmia, Jönköping
🌟 productronica, Munich
🌟 And we’ll conclude 2023 with an expo in Riga, Techindustry.

Why trade fairs are good destinations for B2B

Lead Generation

One of the primary advantages of trade fairs for B2B companies is the opportunity to generate high-quality leads. Attendees at trade fairs are often actively seeking products or services within a specific industry. By showcasing your offerings at a trade fair, you can attract potential customers who have a genuine interest in what you have to offer. Additionally, trade fairs offer an excellent platform for capturing leads through contact forms, demonstrations, and interactive displays, enabling you to build a valuable database of prospects.

Market Research

Participating in trade fairs can provide invaluable insights into market trends, customer preferences, and competitor activities. By engaging with visitors, observing their reactions to your products, and conversing with industry peers, you can gather data and feedback that will help you make informed decisions about product development and market positioning. Trade fairs serve as a live focus group, enabling you to fine-tune your B2B strategy based on real-time feedback.

Networking Opportunities

Trade fairs are networking goldmines for B2B professionals. They bring together key players from the same industry, making it easier to establish and nurture business relationships. Whether you are looking for potential clients, suppliers, partners, or investors, trade fairs offer a unique platform to connect with decision-makers and explore collaboration opportunities. Networking can lead to long-term partnerships and can be instrumental in your business’s growth.

Brand Exposure

Exhibiting at a trade fair can significantly enhance your brand’s visibility within your industry. It allows you to showcase your products or services in a highly competitive environment, helping you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your commitment to your field. The exposure gained at a trade fair can extend beyond the event itself, as attendees often share their experiences and discoveries with colleagues, increasing the potential for word-of-mouth marketing.

Competitive Advantage

Staying competitive in the B2B sector is crucial, and trade fairs can give your business a distinct advantage. By monitoring competitor activities and benchmarking your products or services against others in your industry, you can make necessary adjustments to maintain or gain a competitive edge. Trade fairs also provide opportunities to learn from industry leaders and gain inspiration from their success stories.

To conclude

SILMOR’s journey in the world of trade fairs has been a testament to the benefits we’ve discussed. By actively participating in industry-specific exhibitions, SILMOR has been able to connect with potential clients and partners, gain a deeper understanding of the market, and anticipate its future trends. Based on these insights, we have enhanced our product portfolio and refined our strategic approach for technological investments. The networking opportunities at these events have opened doors to collaborations that have significantly propelled our business forward.

What SILMOR can offer?

Our focus these fairs will be on industrial marking and components, like different type of Front Panels and Overlays for OEM’s and EMS companies. As well on Membrane Switches, Foam packaging, Industrial decals, Metal plates and other product.

Contact: contact@silmor.eu

Thanks to LIAA we are able to participate in export activities:

On the 24th of May 2016 ‘’SILMOR’’ Ltd. has signed an agreement Nr. SKV-L-2016/346 with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA)  for the project “International competitiveness promotion”, which is co-financed by the European Regional