Danish & Baltic Defence Industry Networking Event

Gaspazina Liene
Gaspazina Liene
14. december

Danish & Baltic Defence Industry Networking Event brought new opportunities.

In collaboration with DI Defence, the Danish Embassy in Riga SILMOR was invited to participate in a Baltic Defence Industry Networking Event. More than 30 Danish and Latvian companies, FSDI Latvia and end-users from the armed forces, the MOD met to explore the possibilities for intensifying Danish-Latvian defence cooperation.

Due to the geopolitical situation, Denmark is currently strongly engaged in Latvia – which is creating opportunities for further strengthen the cooperation in the field of defense and security.

What did SILMOR showcased in Danish & Baltic Defence Industry Networking Event?

SILMOR industrial marking in collaboration with a CAMCODE GLOBAL, represented the Asset Identification and UID project. Camcode Global is a primary NATO Unique Item Identification (UID) implementation partner, having established item-unique tracking programmes for the UK Ministry of Defence, the Australian Defence Force, and other non-military organisations.

UID program is suitable from organizations, private firms to government entities, to help them successfully understand and implement item-unique tracking systems. Meaning that each asset is tracked with a permanent, globally unique identifier. SILMOR as an experienced manufacturer helps with suitable physical markings for all type of assets. From clothing to vehicles, armament, and devices etc. We guarantee that the tag or industrial label will last for the entire life of the goods.

Physical labeling options

In a partnership we provide full spectrum of services:

  • AIT Policy
  • Program/Project Management
  • AIT Engineering Services
  • Data Remediation
  • Unit Online Ordering Portal
  • Mark Production & Installation
  • Variety of AIT Technologies
  • UID Registration

We will deliver a successful project and deliver the benefits you’re seeking. Thanks all the participants for wonderful networking.

Contact: sales@silmor.eu